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drifting-games-drift-runner-3d.jpg Drift Runner 3D Test Drive is another cool racing game inspired. Anyone can race, but can you drift? Much Fun!
Drift Runner 3D Test Drive is here, another stunning, fast-paced racing game in the style of the popular Ridge Racer drifting fun. Choose your sports car and pick a track somewhere on the world first. And GO! To win against your opponent you have to speed up and drift as good around the corners as you can.
This was elected to participate to a circle race. I am very proud of this car because every time worked good and it was my best friend. The csr needs a driver because I can not participate at the race. Would you like to drive my black car at this competition? If you win you will get one for free, exactly the same model. Good luck and try to pay attention while you're driving it!

Drift Runner 3D is a cool driving game but instead of challenging you to a variety of obstacle courses, you will be tasked to test out your car in a virtual driving environment. Of course, the car that you are tasked to drive is a luxurious. It may look good and sturdy on the outside but it is up to you to find out if it can actually live up to the challenges of the real world. In other words, you have to test if it is really good enough to be released in the market.
Game Control: Use Arrow keys to control
Damage, auto-throttle (accelerator pedal is pressed a second time you press the gas and you steering control their remains)
The option to change cars
Map of minutes that can be visited (the new ones will coming)
& Do not congeal-Locking
Km / h counter
Our car is waiting for you and a variety of never-before-like speed did not.
Extra test track
And pleasant moments await you!

Distribution : Commercial
Platform(s) : Browser (Unity)