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Drag Racer V3 (DRV3) XGen Studios (U.S.A.), GameFan99 (United Kingdom), 2010 Play it Now !

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drag-racer-v3-full-size.jpg Fast & Furious eat your heart out Ė itís your time to smoke the 1/4 mile in this classic drag racing hit.

Buy your perfect base car from a huge selection of tuner, sport and muscle cars.

Tune, paint and customise your ride, because you need to look good on the drag strip.

Itís time to prove your mettle; select an opponent and get ready to throw down. Be careful with your throttle and precise with your gear shifts as getting this correct is crucial to you dominating the strip.

There is also a career mode, start from the bottom and build up your cash, upgrading your ride and increasing your status within the drag racing community.

This is Drag Racer V3!

Distribution : Commercial
Platform(s) : Browser (Flash)